The Passenger.

by Daniel Hurst

Finished Reading on April 4, 2021

I have never read any of Daniel’s other thrillers but I have heard good things about his work which is why I was excited to receive this arc.

First of all this book was a really fast and enjoyable read! I devoured the story in one sitting.

” Many humans are creatures of routine, they generally wake up, leave their place of residence to travel to work, travel home afterward, and go to bed at the same time, every day.”

This is one of those books that are structured around a solid and intriguing plot but unfortunately, its execution wasn’t carried out to its full potential. The plot twists were predictable and the ending was expected. the opening of the book pretty much gave it away, I kind of predicted the ending pretty early in the story, and then it was just a matter of when it’s gonna happen. I also thought that the characters lacked some depth to them, I would have loved some more character development that would increase my attachment to them, but unfortunately, I didn’t get anything like that for this book. and furthermore, I got the impression that the story was being made up as the narrative was carried out with no pre-established structure, there were a lot of instances in which some of the developments didn’t make sense, and it gave the impression that maybe the author himself wasn’t aware of how the story will unfold eventually.

Having said all of that I have to admit that I really did enjoy this book, the story, and the premise behind the story, even with the predictability it entailed and its flaws. and it is the reason why I have boosted this review from three to four stars, especially thanks to the author’s writing style which was very smooth and well-turned, I will definitely be reading more of his books going forward.

Thank you to NetGalley and Inkubator books for the eARC!



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